Tuesday, September 12, 2006

last thursday

I took vacation last Thursday and drove up to Minnesota.

I had a hair appointment at 3 pm in Minneapolis.

I met the girls in St. Paul for knitting club before I had to go to my appointment.

I didn't bring my yarn.

Do I ever?

Thelma was there, she is a baby. She is soft and sweet and smiles a lot. I like her.

I had my interview on Friday.

It went really well (my new hair cut definitley helped).

Just waiting to hear back from them. I wonder what they will say?

I am sorta freaking about all the changes in my life.

(You might already know that from my last post).

Just trying to stay calm and find a balance.

1 comment:

KatieI said...

sounds like you're doing an excellent job Anne! :)