Wednesday, September 27, 2006

switching from

As the cashier scans my purchase she turns and asks, "What do you need all these hangers for?"

I say, "My clothes. I am switching from plastic to wooden."

She says, "Why?"

I say, "I think they keep the clothes better."

She says, "Does it matter?"

I say, "Well, when I get my clothes dry cleaned...I just think they keep the clothes better."

She says, "I guess if you're going to spend all that money to clean your clothes then wooden hangers make sense."


Cheryl said...

I've heard the wooden hangers are better. Go for it!

Trisha said...

I love you coats!

Thanks for the card Anne.

Scott said...

I am all about the wood hangers too... do you have any shoe trees? Those things rock!


Unknown said...

I'm so impressed...I am yet to make that transition!

paige said...

anne - i've been wanting to do the same thing for years. you are really moving up in the world.

Jenny said...

OOOhh like they do on Clean Sweep!!!

Love the pic!

Jenny said...

It is a great pic and I just switched to wooden hangers. I chose not to put doors on my new closet and I couldn't stand looking at the mish-mash of 200 different types of hangers. Plus, wooden hangers keep your clothes better. :-)