Monday, January 08, 2007

so it begins

Mom says, "What's wrong?"

I say, "Well, Jake did my laundry today."

Mom says, "That is so sweet. So did he ruin some of your clothes?"

I say, "Well, he washed a shirt that was Dry Clean Only. He didn't read the label."

Mom says, "Oh no. It took your father a long time to start reading labels. Finally, I just said don't touch my clothes."

Mom says, "And so it begins."


Trisha said...

Yes, living with boys is dangerous -- for your clothes!

Scott said...

Not saying that Jake did this, but I have known guys that have decided to screw up the laundry a few times so they would not have to do it anymore...


Marissa said...

That's really cute--at least he tried.:)

Matt said...

I would recommend getting Jake a pull-up bar so he stops searching for reasons to go downstairs to the makeshift one in the basement. In general I would just try to keep him as close to his computer as possible, for as long as possible.

Teresa said...

Hide the dry clean only stuff in a separate area of the closet or drawers or something. Laundry is a chore best shared.