Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

My wish in second grade was that everyone would recycle.

We didn't know that the icebergs were melting back then.
We didn't know that Sarah Palin would be assaulting wolves.
Or that Dr. Carter cared so much about Polar Bears.

I always liked Carter.

Why do you throw plastic bottles and cigarettes out your window?

Those plastic bottles will not disintegrate.
They do disappear from your point of view.
But don't lose perspective!

Also, we are running out of space people. Not space people. Space, people.

We can't have eighteen kids anymore. Think of all the waste. Think of all the plastic diapers in the world right now. Just think of it! All that poop wrapped in plastic, wrapped in plastic, wrapped in

Have you heard of gDiapers or cloth. I pooped into cloth when I was a baby -- I was way into environmentalism.


This is what I do and you can too -

1. Recycle paper, glass, plastic and bring it out to your curb every week.
2. Bring cloth bags to Target or wherever you go shopping.
3. Compost your food waste like banana peels, egg shells, green beans, and everything other than meat.
4. Go to the Farmer's Market and buy fresh, local food from farmers in your area.
5. Respect the Earth and animals we share it with.
6. Turn off your lights!
7. Walk to Target with your cloth bag.
8. Stand up for the Earth!

Happy Earth Day!


Unknown said...

Amen Paster Ingman!

I don't know if I want to start wearing cloth diapers. I'll think about it.

Anne said...

Meghan - you are hilarious!