Monday, April 13, 2009

plants make your life better

Potting Plants
I tend to panic and buy spontaneously when it comes to plants. I never quite know which ones to get or where to get them. I usually pick the wrong kind, water too much or too little, and sometimes they live but most of the time they die.

Today I went to Bachman's and found some plants and pots that I liked and I am going to give it another go! (I went to Home Depot first which proved to be a very sad situation with me holding various packages of garden bulbs of Dahlia's instead of house plants - I finally had to abandon everything in a corner and walk out with a headache).

Regardless of my past plant experiences -- I am going to try very very very hard to keep these babies alive!

Also, did you know that there are three really important houseplants that can improve the air quality in your home? Watch this short video - it is so cool! I found the "Mother in law" one at Bachman's and brought it home with me!

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EP said...

My mom and I planted some herbs, flowers and tomatoes on my patio today! I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours work out!