Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i wrote a poem yesterday and i liked it

So, let's face it. How do I blog after that?

What are the words? What do the words mean now? What can the words be?

I mean, life is ordinary. Extraordinary but ordinary.

I mean, I was just at LA Fitness in Midway sweating on an elliptical machine next to strangers from around the world.

But then a friend told me tonight that she felt left out of my life not having Internet at home. She can't read my blog. I told her that it was okay. BUT.

I mean, WTF, no Internet at home. It is 2009. But whatever. Choice is choice and choose your choice.

So here I am. And there you are.

No matter what. We have that.

And it is OKAY.

Hallefuckinlulia, right?


Sarah said...

Hi Anne -
I really enjoyed your poem!
Also, I think we might be cleaning soulmates. There is nothing better than a clean space :)

Anne said...

Thanks Sarah! And you are so right -- there is NOTHING better than a clean space!

Chanda said...

look, anne, i am trying! i just know we can be friends.