Sunday, December 11, 2005

in another

Sometimes I wish I was from another time.

Last night I watched Hoosiers.

As I watched I couldn't help imagine what life would have been like had I been born in another time.

A time when cars were classics. And boys wore letter jackets.

I love the spirit. I love the competition. I love the small town. I love that it is set in the Midwest. I love the time.

My grandfather was a basketball coach and I never met him. I think of him and especially my Dad whenever I watch this movie. I know where I get my competitiveness.

I sometimes wish I was from another time...or maybe just that I could go back in time.

If I could I would go to a basketball game that my Grandfather coached. I would sit in the stands and I would cheer.

Basketball team photo, including my Grandfather.


Cheryl said...

It would be cool to go back and see something like that. I wish I could go back and see my grandfather too.

Marissa said...

What a great photo! I hear you, I always wanted to grow up in the 50's! I wanted to wear a poodle skirt and flip my hair (oh wait, I did that as a kid anyway, even though it was the early 90's!). And as for Hoosiers, I went to IU so I love that movie!

Jayleigh said...

That movie is wonderful. And I so know what you mean. About living in another time, or going back in time. And getting the competitive spirit from older generations. :-)

Bless you.

Anne Arkham said...

Cool! My grandmother played basketball in college. We have pictures of her (and the rest of the team) in bloomers.

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh yes, what a great thing that would be-to travel back in time! It's hard to even imagine our grandparents as younger sometimes