Monday, December 12, 2005

a line

I went to the post office today. I bought stamps.

There was a line.

I can all these people be here at 10:30 am...don't they work?

And then I remember that I am standing in line too.


Jayleigh said...

like a ton of bricks, eh?

Cheryl said...

Maybe it was their break time.

Meg D. said...

Anne you are too funny. I hate when i realize that I'm just as lame as the people I pre-judge.

Teresa said...

I love ordering my stamps from the website, The stamps come quickly and I like to to see the selection of designs. I understand that sometimes one simply has to get stamps immediately. It's odd how that coincides with when seemingly everyone else needs them too.

Kendra said...

If you lived in Denver, you would have been standing next to me as I was buying stamps about that same time. And also standing in line. And also wondering why the hell those people weren't at work.