Friday, January 06, 2006

letter each

Letters, comments, e-mails, and voice mails.

I love them all.

Keeping in touch.
It is the secret to living happiness.

I personally favor the surprise of opening mail boxes and anticipating reading a letter from a long lost friend....or a postcard, I am not picky.

If there was a way everyone could get a letter each day, I think that people would be happier.

People just want to be remembered.


Miss Scarlet said...

I have this goal to get a ton of postcards, address and stamp them all, and then pull them out randomly every once and awhile and send them off to friends. You are right, mail rules!

Christa said...

I asked my students last semester when the last time was that they actually "mailed" a letter to someone and they seriously just stared at me with no response. Not one of them could remember when they did it last. Email is cool, letters are the best!

curious servant said...

Agreed! A surprise letter is best. But getting a note from someone in almost any form feels good. It tells us that we are special, that people care. We need that. I think we were DESIGNED to have that.

Take care Anne.

Cheryl said...

I agree absolutely 100%. I love mail.

psquared said...

You are a sage more wise than Buda - "People just want to be remembered" is the most honest thing I have heard in months.

JKMG said...

anne. you are funny.

hey, got some GREAT pics of my babies. check out my blog lady!

mm k. you will love em.

love you. MISS YOU. had so much fun with you over the holiday!! you are crazy!!
and today is shawns birthday!

paigedewees said...

anne you are just about the most beautiful person in the world. and that is an amazing photograph. very beautiful. luke and i had a great time at nina's with the two of you, and i am so glad that jake is becoming a good friend. i think you found a keeper for sure worth the wait. we love you both.

Jayleigh said...

It is true, Friend. We just want to be cherished and thought of once in a while.

Great pic, as always.