Sunday, October 01, 2006

- check

Drive up to St. Paul Thursday night - check.
Stop in Northfield to see Jana, Amanda and Matt on the way up - check.
Enjoy bonfire in St. Paul with Allisa, Paige (Verla) and Edmund that night - check.

Have breakfast with Allisa, Thelma and Jake Friday morning - check.
Have my second interview Friday morning - check.
Feel confident and great after interview - check.

Find out they will get back to me in a week or two weeks.
Head to Aunt and Uncles so Jake can shower - ha!
Get a phone call 30 minutes later with 651 area code....answer the call.

Got the job - check.
Extremely excited but tell them I need an hour and will call them back.
Call Dad. Think about it for 5 mintues and call back.

Accept the position - check.

Celebrate at Punch Pizza with Jake.
Call Dad, Peter, Ben, Katie, Amanda, Paige, Allisa and Grandma to tell them the good news.

Have appointment with realtor to look at lofts in downtown Mpls and St. Paul.

Four hours later realize Jake and I want to buy a house instead.
Visit Peter at his new bank in Mpls.
Head to Grandma's to visit her before we head to Mankato.

Friday night, hang out with Ben - check.
Saturday morning catch up with Mom and Dad - check.
Head to 7 Mile in St. Peter to picnic and hike with Ben, Mary and Jake - check.
Eat dinner with Mom, Dad, and Peter Saturday night - check.
Get a pecan cluster blizzard from DQ West later that night - check.

Have lunch with Mom and Dad early Sunday afternoon - check.
Head back to Iowa so I can work at 4 pm - check.
Get home from work at 9:30 and rewind tape of Amazing Race - check.
Tape stops after 20 minutes because 60 minutes went long.

Send two week notice e-mail to my boss at 10:30 pm - check.

New job in St. Paul - check.
Know Jake and I want to buy a house together - check.

Starting to figure out what we want and where we want to be - check.


Trisha said...

Holy crap Anne! I am so excited and happy for you. I knew that you would get the job, everyone loves you. A house! How exciting. I want to hear all the details. Let's talk soon. Congratulations! Miss you -- check!

Kate said...

good god. Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful. I don't think we could be at more opposite ends of the 'where is my life going' spectrum :) I'm so happy for you Anne.

Marissa said...

wonderful weekend!!!