Monday, October 16, 2006

few days

I am relaxing.

But just for a few days.

After saying good-bye to the job and the people I worked with for a year and to my apartment that I grew to love...I packed up my car and drove up north.

The drive through Iowa was and is, I think, beautiful. The endless golden corn fields with scattered family farms...just seem to make me happy.

Of course I am still processing the change, the transition, and the move but I am excited for the change.

The suprise good-bye party last week was definitely amazing and I feel my last few days of the job were really special.

Wednesday at 8 am I start the next chapter of my life and I am ready!


Marissa said...

congratulations, anne! here's to a wonderful new chapter!

Meg D. said...

Anne! I'm so excited for you big move. Let me know when you're in OUR city so that we can grab a bite to eat...ahhhh, I'm so excited!

Cheryl said...

How did it go? How exciting for you. I hope all is well.

paigedewees said...

beautiful photograph anne. i hope your week is going well. i can't believe how beautiful your new place is. you deserve it all!!!

Teresa said...

All the best, Anne! Life is an adventure, eh?