Tuesday, October 31, 2006

half screwed

I am pretty much a regular at Ace Hardware these days.

The guys there even know my name.

That is because these days I caulk, drill, hang blinds, strip paint, hang towel racks and replace toilet seats.

Caulking is hard but drilling is super fun.

My only real embarrassment was tonight when I had to bend a half screwed in screw 90 degrees because I could not (and I mean Could Not) screw this screw in anymore...so, I pulled out the hammer and pounded that sucker to the side.

Just call me Ms. Fix-It, that is what the guys at Ace do.


Trisha said...

Good for you Anne! Maybe you should get one of those Do-it-yourself books for Christmas. Making the place your own is so much fun!

Meg D. said...

Anne, I must find you so that we can finally hang out...we're too close to not be together! Thanks for replying to Joe, he's crazy!

Cheryl said...

Well-don Ms. Fix-it. I am impressed!

LadyKRAE said...

HEHE - isn't that what your supposed to do? LOL