Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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I love technology. I just Gmail chatted with Jake - who is in IRELAND - while he uploaded some digital photos to a computer in IRELAND that he then sent as attachments via Gmail email so I can see what he is seeing halfway across the world. I then took one of his photos, that he just took in IRELAND, and upload it to MY computer and then to blogger, all so I can share our lives with the world. Because really, isn't that what life is all about?


Marissa said...

i know just what you mean. my dad just sent me photos from his phone of my neice starring in her school play. the play is literally taking place RIGHT NOW and b/c of technology, i can feel like i'm there. i love it!

keo boun pheng said...

anne -- can you tell us more about this photograph? it looks to be a public "square" only it is round. and it also appears that the landscape architect or designer or artist took the idea that people carve their own routes through public spaces {other than those given to them by sidewalks etc.} - and ran with it. very cool space!

Anne said...

marissa - that is SO cool! your dad sounds awesome.

tia - jake took this photo in ireland and i actually don't know anything about it....jake will have to tell us! he comes back sunday (but maybe i can get an answer via e-mail or a comment on this blog :)

i'll keep you posted.

Jake said...

No kidding - I just used google (maps and mail) to find out what hostel I'm staying in tonight, where it is, and what the satellite overlay looks like in Dublin Ireland, so I can get right there. Wonderful.