Sunday, May 06, 2007

sea of crap

Vimeo quite possibly has changed my life. I told Paige she would have to make me a new shirt that read IM VIDEO BLOGGING THIS.

We started packing today - something I have not been looking forward to AT ALL. First of all, packing sucks. Secondly, I am deep in apartment remorse. I am so sad to leave this amazing apartment. It's true. Third, packing sucks.

We are lucky though because we have until the 16th to move out and the new house is only 1 mile away. Which is great because we can take our time (procrastinate) and slowly transition into the new house....

I might have mentioned that I have a serious problem with hanging up my clothes. I HATE TO DO IT and one could even say that I should seek professional help to overcome my avoidance, neglect, and total disregard for clothing organization.

So today while we were packing I needed to get some boxes at the back of my closet...and during the hurdle, to get to the back of my closet, I strained my back....perfect timing for an intervention, don't you think?

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Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

remedy for packing: throw everything away. call it downsizing!