Monday, May 07, 2007

never fails


Usually busy, usually a time to catch up on sleep, dishes, cleaning, etc. This excuse seems to catch up with me too often.

I am done with this excuse. If I want to go dancing downtown, then I am going to go dancing downtown. If I want to hang out all night with friends, then I am going to hang out all night with friends.

Saturday night, while out on the town, I realized that I might not be having enough fun in my life and things need to change. Going out, hanging out with friends and having a few cocktails never fails to be a good time.

Friday night - this video took place during "packing" and I can't help but blame this completely random, almost unnecessary video on the above mentioned excuse.

Then we have Saturday night with Joel and me lookin' lovely....

Life is about to change my friends! No more drumming toy bears! At least for now...


paigedewees said...

count me in for dancing out on the town!!!
amanda said it best: congratulations for not having a baby!!!

amanda jane said...

i love the toy bear!!! i know you have too much crap....(as mentioned in your sea of ceap post) so if you're getting rid of it, please save it for me (or avery i mean)