Friday, May 25, 2007

two typical

1. New neighbor aka "the block caption" told me in not more than 2 minutes that I had bought all the wrong vegetables to plant in MY garden and that she thought it was a bad idea that I was painting MY dining room a different color.

2. In my robe and ready for bed I couldn't find my slippers. They were on the porch so I tried to unlock the front door (from the inside) but I could NOT turn the old lock for the life of me - I do not know why it wasn't, I put on my heels and went out the back door to open the front door with my key and come inside with my slippers.

Two typical new homeowner experiences I would guess.


amanda jane said...

two words for ms. block captain: what ever

keo boun pheng said...

yeah.... WHAT EVER!!

(no borrowing eggs from that neighbor, they might be rotten!)