Thursday, January 10, 2008

wedding update 1

So yeah, we are getting married in like, OH, I don't know - like 5 1/2 months.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like we haven't done a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g but let's just say that last Friday we actually scheduled time on Sunday to "think" about the wedding.

Here is a list of things we have done -

Found a venue - online. We haven't actually seen it in person. Picked a caterer. The first caterer we found. Have two meetings scheduled next week - one for a photographer (that I am almost 99% positive we will go with - she is the only photographer we have contacted) and a flower consultation with the owner of the flower farm. We were told to have our "color" picked out before this meeting but this is proving to be very difficult. We are much better procrastinators and our thought is that the color will pick us.

Cross your fingers.

There are many decisions to be made (like finalizing the guest list, designing the save the date cards, renting the tents, chairs, tables, dishes, sound system, wedding cake, music, invitations, oh my) and we are trying to take it all in stride. Enjoy the process, you know? These updates make my Mom happy so I will continue them in the coming months.

Any thoughts on colors?

p.s. I also have a dress!


Cheryl said...

no thoughts on colors, sorry...can't wait to hear more on the wedding

Trisha said...

It will all come to you in time. I can't believe you have your dress, that is great. I am sure it is lovely. Sounds like you have a great start on things. Enjoy the ride, it all goes by so quickly!

Marissa said...

ooh planning is so much fun! i'm a procrastinator too, so i understand. keep us posted.

thank you so much, anne, for all your thoughtful, caring comments on my blog.this has been by far the toughest time in my life...but i feel so comforted by everyone's wonderful comments.

Teresa said...

I think instead of color, you should see what flowers will be available from the flower farm that time of year and what type of flower you like the best. After all, a white lily will go with any color.

Think about those standing up with you. What colors really enhance their own natural beauty? Will you be wearing white? If you are, then I suggest considering style and colors that suit each attendant as an individual and using their colors in your bouquet. If not, then maybe you wear a color and have the attendants wear white with accents that match the color you will be wearing.

It is really fun to let those details be the most simple, I think. Our wedding's biggest expense was the food, followed by the flowers. Two of my favorite parts aspects of any celebration.

ALF said...

your'e getting married soon??? I got married last May - you're going to LOVE your day, it's so much fun. Do whatever you like and don't sweat anything, the day is amazing no matter what!