Thursday, June 30, 2005

im blogging this

The invite asked, "What could be better than Sex and the City??? Knitting in the Country (while watching Sex and the City of course)."

Last night Allisa, Paige (and Luke), Chanda (and Bryan) and myself all traveled to Northfield Minnesota for knitting club (the boys went away when we all arrived at Amanda and Matt's house). We all gathered around fresh strawberries from the farm, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella and of course some minty mohitto's. The night really was fabulous and I feel more lucky than ever to call these women my friends. I always feel inspired and silly when we are together!

To toast my last days at Starbucks and our friendship, Paige made me a gift. A t-shirt with, IM BLOGGING THIS, on the front. Is that not perfect or what?! (I am wearing it right now!)

After getting home at midnight and getting up at 5:30 am for work...I was excited to come home to relax the afternoon away.

Then my phone rang.

It was my friend Meghan from Mankato, she was downtown looking for my Starbucks to surprise me! I told her I was done with work and I gave her directions to my apartment. I knew she was only like 8 minutes away.

These are the panicked thoughts running through my head:

OH MY GOSH. My apartment is a disaster. I have been using those big soup spoons for cereal...because I have been too lazy to wash the regular spoons...I think every bowl I own is scattered around my apartment...there are clothes all over the place. YIKES. I have eight minutes...okay, I CAN DO THIS.

I picked up all my clothes and threw them into the hamper. I straighten my towels on my towel rack. I picked up every random piece of paper and miscellaneous item and threw them all in my closet. Then I surveyed the dishes situation. There was no way l could wash them all...I then had a truly brilliant idea.

I stuffed as many bowls, spoons, glasses, and mugs as I could into my oven and shut the door.

With sweat dripping off my forehead I hear my phone is Meghan, she is just around the corner.

As I am telling her to make a left, then a right hand vacuum is being plugged in and as we hang up I am already vacuuming my rug...I shake out my down comforter and I am done.

I greet her at the door with my new t-shirt on and she thinks my place is perfect!

The whole time I was thinking, IM BLOGGING THIS.


still_figuring_out said...

you are not alone.

it happens to me every time my mom comes for a visit.

Sarah said...

Hahaha! Sounds like your friends know you really well. And I like your cleaning one needs to know the place was a mess 8 minutes before- and unless they happen to look in the oven, arent likely to.

Christa said...

You are so funny Anne! When I was a kid, my friend Amy and I would "speed-clean" so we could go do what we wanted to quicker when we were told to clean whatever mess there was. We would both race around the room and try to give the room the "appearance" that it was clean and do it as fast as possible. It was so funny!

Consider the fact that your friend actually gave you 8 minutes notice a blessing. The worst is when you hear the doorbell, look out the window to recognize the car, and then have a panic attack while you look around your surroundings! I love that you shared this story-I also love that you put your dishes in the oven, ingenious!

Amanda said...

anne, that was a great piece of writing! i felt the tension when you were scurrying around to clean and then the repetition of the phrase, "i'm blogging this," a great example of comedic technique! loved it!

Jayleigh said...

I wonder sometimes why I let my house get so bogged down with "every random piece of paper and miscellaneous item", and dishes scattered all over... when it would just take 8 minutes of crisis cleaning to make it look better ALL THE TIME!

Instead, I'm just blogging away my free afternoon. hehe

Love this post! Have you been knitting long? I learned just a few months ago from a 90 year old customer of mine at The Pharmacy.

My sister is headed over here with "Tenbucks" in tow because she was unfortunate enough to be calling me on the phone when she entered the store. I put in my order for a white chocolate mocha (to which i am now addicted, tyvm) and I am anxiously awaiting it's (er... HER) arrival!

Have you any amazing plans for the weekend?

Happy Mutant said...

I remember when I would clean my room that fast when I was a kid. Then my mom would tell me to go back and clean under my bed, couch, or where ever I quick stashed everything.

Meg D. said...

Oh Anne, I love you! You are truly a unique soul and it's great! I had such a great time with you on Thursday and I hope that we get to do it again...maybe next time without so many birds swarming.

PS: Gina loves the idea of you taking pics at the wedding but she was going to run it by Mary first. I'll stay in contact with you!

Anne said...

Still Figuring Out---hahah! Me too!

Sarah---Exactly, no one does need to know!

Christa---Oh wow, that would definitely put me into a panic attack.

Amanda---Thank you! What a nice compliment!

Jayleigh---I know exactly what you mean. When I finally get my place how I want it...I always think, "Now, if you just keep it like this, it would be so nice..." Never happens.

Been knitting for about a year. We started a club of just some girlfiends and met once a month. (Sometimes mostly talking and drinking wine occured!! haha!)

Shakabuka---That is so funny. That is what my Mom said too.

Meg D.---I had sooooo much fun at lunch with you! Thank you so much for giving me a call (and for provided the content for this post!). See you soon!

Jake said...

The mental picture you paint is such comedy - an oven bursting with cookware, milky spoons splitting the sides.