Monday, April 18, 2005

lonely by akon

Am I not a true blogger because I haven't blogged in a week? I was trying to post everyday but sometimes life gets busy...blah blah blah. I will do better!

Last week was fantastic! Here is a quick summary to keep you updated:

Monday: I still had shopping buzz from weekend. Went to (underwear) clearance rack at Marshall Fields.

Tuesday: I listened to author Sarah Vowell (Assassination Vacation; public radio program: This American Life) at the U of M with Allisa and Delip. She was hilarious and I got my book signed! Watched tape of The Amazing Race.

Wednesday: I had all day off. I was dusting the shelves in my apartment and one of my plants fell on my face (it was on the top shelf). Went out to lunch to Good Earth, which has absolutely delicious organic meals. Finally got air in my bike tires! Rode to my aunt and uncles' and got to talk with my cousin Brad. In evening I worked as a "borrowed partner," it was so fun and great to see how things work in another Starbucks store! Picked up Punch pizza and watched Sex in the City to end a wonderful day.

Thursday: Attended Pro-choice Rally at the capital with Amanda and Jana! Very exhilarating experience...want to be a lobbyist. Headed over to Uptown to Joel's, went to an experimental music instrument included a TV, old movie playing in background. Stokes Pizza with Matt, Jenny and Joel. Forgot to tape Survivor.

Friday: Had to ran to the bus again...even yelled, "Hold the bus!!!" Played with Edmund's roommates' puppy.

Saturday: Went to breakfast with Eddie, Allisa, Paige and Luke at Keys. Headed to Mankato to see the family. Rained all day. Mom told me what happened on Survivor.

Sunday: An absolute beautiful day. Went to DQ West, visited Mary, Jake's mom, had dinner with Mom, Dad and Peter. Headed back to St. Paul, stopped in Northfield to visit Amanda, Matt, Jana, Paige, Luke, Jorum, Steph and baby Cora...had a fire and Luke played the guitar. It was a perfect night.

Today, Monday: This morning I caught the bus at 4:48 am. Found that our store was broken into last night...very violating feeling. Walked to park and enjoyed the sun. Currently am on disc 3 of the third season of Sex in the City.

Oh yeah, Lonely by Akon is my new favorite song. I listen to it on 101.3, it is hip-hop, and I decided to buy in on iTunes.

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