Thursday, April 21, 2005


I joined the YWCA last night! I walked over, signed up, and worked out for an hour! I felt very comfortable there and am going again tonight! The woman who helped me wore a shirt that said, "Empowering Women and Ending Racism!"

Jake is in Atlanta right now working at the FIRST LEGO World Tournament (teams of kids build robots with legos and compete). Today the kids arrived so I am sure he is running around like crazy right now!

I decided to bike to work this morning...not knowing it was freezing outside! It was so cold going down the hill. Work was okay. The ride up the hill this afternoon was great though.

While sitting in my apartment I have been hearing this guy call out for "Sebastian." He has been consistently "searching" for about a week now. I think "Sebastian" is a cat. I don't know if it is someone from my building or a neighboring house...I have tired to help him though. Yesterday I yelled out my window, "Who is Sebastian." He didn't answer.

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