Tuesday, July 19, 2005

glow of my screen

I ask Katie to grab the keys out of my pocket.

I handle the steering wheel with ease as I drive home.

Glancing occasionally when I pass a street light.

With the utmost care I open the box of cereal.

Typing now in the glow of my screen I admire them.

I love the sound of the click click click on my keys.

They are beautiful.

So very pretty.

My ruby red fingernails are hypnotic.


Amanda said...

the only time i notice my nails is when their find their way into my mouth. i love hands, as a feature. i wish my nails made more of a statement. but i guess they do, a bitten one.

Happy Mutant said...

Same hear amanda. The only time I notice my finger nails is when I start to bite them. I really need to stop itm but can not. I also love hands. When working retail, I always notice a nice pair of hands/finger nails.

Jayleigh said...

Ohh now I get it. Sheesh.

I wondered what all these statements had to do with each other. LOL You got your nails done!!!

I get mine done too, every other week for the last 7 years. When one chips or breaks, it's so sad.

Have fun and enjoy your ruby-red nails!

Anne said...

Amanda---hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read your comment! I love hands too, they tell stories.

Shakabuku---I think a lot of people bite their nails, I have never really done it.

Jayleigh---Thanks! Katie, Jake's sister, actually painted my nails. She is the best! While working at Starbucks my hands turned to crap, I kept my nails really short, and I still had coffee grounds everywhere...and we cound not wear nail polish. So finally after a year my hands are getting back to normal and a little nail polish is always fun!