Saturday, July 02, 2005


Oh no!

I am sitting at my south window with my lap top on the sill (it is sorta like my office) trying to upload a picture to my blog and talking to Jake on speaker phone at the same time.

As I glance down to my neighbor who just came into his backyard (I have suspected his house to be my benefactor for the majority of my wireless connection) I notice he is looking up at me...I wave down at him and he waves back.

We say, "Hello."

He then asks, "Are you picking up wireless?"

I say, "Ah yeah, sometimes I can."

He curiously asks, "Which network are you on?"

I say, "Oh, usually it is called default."

I ask, "Do you have wireless? What is your network?"

He says, "It is cleverly called linksys."

I think, shit, that is the network I am currently on....

He continues, "Yeah...I should probably put up a firewall."

I say, "Well, hey, I am only here for two more months...If you do, you do, if you don't that would be great!"

We sorta laugh about the situation---me sitting at my window--he paying for my Internet.



Happy Mutant said...

The internet is cool. It is even cooler when it is free. Now that your neighbor knows your are online at his expense, it is even ethical. Have a good 4th

Anne said...

Shakubuku---yeah, the Internet is way cooler when it is free! I wonder what my neighbor will do...

I wish you a great 4th as well.

Sarah said...

Maybe bake him a cake or something as bribe?

still_figuring_out said...

i think sarah`s idea is great!

just you hope he was joking about the firewall :)

Jayleigh said...

I know I'd die without my internet access. If he was a meannie, you'd just have to get cheapo dial-up for a month or two.


But now it's ethical. He knows you're doing it and if he doesn't put a stop to it, it's all good!

Anne said...

Sarah---Good idea...however, I might not want to bring any more attention to myself and that fact "he is paying for my Internet"...hoping he will just forget about me...haha!

Still Figuring Out and Jayleigh---Thanks! He actually seemed sort of amused by the whole situation. I guess I will just have to see what happens...

Amanda said...

at least you owned up to it...i thought it was really funny that you told him you were basically stealing his internet.