Saturday, July 02, 2005

poorly illustrated

jake high point
Originally uploaded by akl.
This is the photo I was trying to upload when the conversation with my neighbor occurred (see previous post)!

That is a picture of Jake almost on the top of Maine. The photo was taken by our friend Matt, who we both went to high school with, who I was in church bell choir with, who plays the drums tremendously well, who we both think will be famous for it someday.

Jakes new blog is called Poorly Illustrated. This picture is not poorly illustrated.


im here somewhere said...

its so nice to see another blogger from minnesota. i was beginning to think i was the only one.

that linkseys post if hilarious, my ex is doing that right now with his neighbor. i dont think he knows it though, hes kind of a dumbass.

anyways, i am very jealous that you can see that :tastes" fireworks from your house. i live in redwing and we have the crappiest fireworks ever.


still_figuring_out said...

anne, how did your jake get his hair to be like that?

Jayleigh said...

Cute blog! I always admire people who can tell a story in a funny way with very few words. And a pic.


Anne said...

LDQ---Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad to see another Minnesotan as well!

Still Figuring Out---yeah, I know...his hair is crazy sometimes!! He has natural curls and when he lets it grow out...all he has to do it run his fingers through it and it gets HUGE!

Thanks Jayleigh!!!

Christa said...

You always have the best pics on your blog! Between you and Jake, you have a wonderful photo collection. Awesome fireworks too! Hope all is going well with your moving plan and job hunt. Hope to see you soon!