Saturday, July 02, 2005

roof top

I was on the roof of my apartment building last night watching some fireworks from, Taste of Minnesota ,which started yesterday on Harriet Island.

It was one of those perfect nights with a nice cool breeze. I had never been up on the roof before and it was amazing. Some of the houses in my neighborhood are higher than my apartment building!

Right now I am still in St. Paul trying to get some things done before I head down to Mankato for the weekend.

I wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July!


Erika said...

Hey cuz! It was great to see you when I was in town. I wish it was more frequent. Maybe someday I will be back in the Twin Cities for good. Miss you! Have a great time at home and say hi to your family for me :)

Jake said...

Roofs are great, and under-used. I was just talking to my mom about how sure-footed my brother is in high places. He cleaned our gutters this last weekend, and my mom caught him standing on the absolute highest point on our roof - he said our house was the tallest one.

It's really like a porch you don't have to pay extra for - if only they made slanted furniture.

Anne said...

Erika---it was so great to see you too! I was so glad that I could share my love for Punch Pizza with my family! Have a great Fouth of July!

Jake---Ben is pretty amazing in high places. Love the slanted furniture idea.

Chief Slacker said...

It's nice to have a good vantage point for fireworks :O) I sat up on the Cathedral steps. not too bad, but the trees blocked a little of the show.

And hello from a fellow Twin Citian!