Thursday, July 14, 2005

painted meadows

On our hike today Cindy, Mom and I enjoyed painted meadows of yellow, white, blue, orange, and purple wildflowers. It was a perfect day with a wide open Big Sky view of the mountain valley.

Tomorrow Mom and I are leaving for Minnesota early, the beauty of Montana will be hard to leave.


Cheryl said...

Hey, it is a small world. I love the Highland Park area!

Have a safe trip, see some corn!

still_figuring_out said...

i love this picture!

Amanda said...

you are so lucky to have this time to explore and just be...
have an awesome time!!!

Jayleigh said...

Your pics have been breathtaking and it sounds as though your time away with your mom has been wonderful too. I've never been to Montana, but I would so look forward to looking at the sky without seeing power lines and cell towers.

Take care and have a wonderful trip home.

Anne said...

It is a small work Cheryl! Have you started reading the new Harry Potter?

Thanks SFO!

I do feel so lucky Amanda...I haven't had this "freeing" feeling is so very long. It is wonderful.

Thank you Jayleigh. Montana is a must see.