Thursday, August 04, 2005


Oh my gosh, is this little man not the cutest? I finally got to see my friend Christa's (of christabro) new house and see how much her little boy has grown!!! It was a great afternoon of catching up.

p.s. I am home in Mankato for the weekend, my good friends from high school are getting married on Saturday! I am a reader (and she only asked me to do it yesterday...everything is last minute for them and they love might drive me a little crazy but oh well!)


Happy Mutant said...

Sounds like you two had a good time yesterday. Hope you find some good deals shopping today

Jayleigh said...

Awesome! I did a reading for my cousin's wedding last November. She's Catholic and I'm not, so I was a bit unfamiliar with things, but it was still awesome!

Yes, he's the cutest little man, EVER!

Have a great time at home.

Christa said...

Thanks for the compliments Anne! I am so glad you got to come over and see us, it was so fun! Jayleigh, thanks for thinking he's cute too!

Kiki said...

He is a cutie!
There are tons of weddings going on recently!!

Anne Arkham said...

Oooh! He is adorable!

still_figuring_out said...

so this is christa`s son.
he is so adorable!