Wednesday, August 24, 2005

into her shoe

Arriving early to Ames I decide to surprise Jake on campus after his class. Walking over from his apartment I asked the first person I saw for directions.

She had red hair like Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables) and it looked like she might have just started a jog but was not out of breath yet...I go ahead and ask her:

"Do you know where Howe Hall is...?"

Oh, no I don't (total devastation). But I have a map in my shoe!!

She quickly bends down, takes off her shoe and pulls out her Iowa State University campus map, which was folded neatly to fit into her shoe.

"Oh great (smile on my face)! So are you new?"

Yeah. Are you?

She asked this with such desperation in her voice.

I wanted so badly to say yes, that I was...because in reality I am. My move to Ames is new for me just like her, I am nervous and excited just like her...but instead I say, "No, sorry, I'm not. But, hey how is your first week going?"

Oh, it is going okay. It is a little overwhelming. I have this Human Development class and there are so many statistics and sometimes it just gets to be too much...

"Yeah, I know how that goes."

As we both study the map I notice her orange highlighted routes.

She points ahead and says, You should run into if you go that way.

"Great! Thanks so much! And have a great year!"

She smiles and bends over with her map folded ready to stuff back into her shoe.


Christa said...

So was he surprised? Are you having fun so far? Do you love being there? I am so excited for your future of possibilities, Anne!

Kiki said...

I remember being there.
And all the questions Christa asked.

Jayleigh said...

That is so sweet!

Happy Mutant said...

Ames is a fun time. You will have a blast. Plus the people are nice, as you have discovered

Cheryl said...

Aw so cute. A new student.

Plus, all of Christa's questions...

Anne said...

When I arrived I knew Jake had 20 minutes left of class, so when I got to his building I just parked my car and walked over to campus...but little did I know that Jake decided to skip class and surprise me! (So when I pulled into his apartment building, he was upstairs in his room waiting for me! ha!) I sent him a text message that I was at Howe Hall, so when he saw where I was he rushed over to find me!

Anyway, he was surprised and when we got back to his apartment...he had my favorite song playing, flowers, and a card waiting for me!

It is going great so far. We made dinner last night and just talked and talked. It feels really good to be here.

Teresa said...

I love that you both surprised each other.

Christa said...

That sounds wonderful Anne! I am so happy for you and wish you the best always.

still_figuring_out said...

awww so sweet.