Monday, August 29, 2005

one to stumble

"Tell me about a time when you avoided a problem for a school or work project by keeping others informed? "

Huh? Crap, I have no idea. What kind of question is that?

I can't think of anything. Nothing is coming out of my mouth....except, Ahhhhh...ummmm....hmmmm.

That is a really good question, I compliment. Basically just trying to fill some of the silence.

Then I actually say, Oh, wow, ummm, I really don't know.

I just start talking, I don't even know where I came up with the words to finally answer this ridiculous question, but I did, and it was horrible.

Oh well. I have another one to stumble through on Wednesday.


Kiki said...

I'm sure it came out much better than you think.

Amanda said...

i am sure you did fine; better than are articulate, as we can all attest to.

Christa said...

Anne, I bet it was so much better than you think it was looking back. I was once was asked, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be, and why?" What the Hell is that about? I found out when I taught the interviewing class last semester that the question is meant to throw people off and see how they handle uncomfortable situations. Still, not very cool!

Teresa said...

That is an interesting question. I too am sure that you came across better than you think you did. Good luck with the rest of your interviews.

Cheryl said...

Whoa, I didn't even get the question at first. Maybe I am tried or something. But wow. I am sure you did fine and will do fine on your next one too. Good Luck!

Anne said...

Thanks Kiki, Amanda, Christa, Teresa, and Cheryl! I am sure it was better than I think...I am always my hardest critic. I really appreciate all the words of encouragement.

Marissa said...

I didn't get the question, either! I had to re-read (again...and again!) so no worries! Like everyone said, I bet you did better than you think!

Juno said...

What the heck kind of silly question was that anyway? I don't blame you for freezing up.

It's like the time my best friend was in bed with this guy who asked her if she was a dog, what kind would she be? That story ended badly too!

Anne said...

Thanks Marissa!

Oh No Juno! That is hilarious!