Tuesday, August 02, 2005

off their arms

Since last Friday my days have been full of family, friends and fun! I will recap all my adventures in a brief update.

Katie, Jakes sister, visited me Friday afternoon and stayed the night in my little apartment! It was so great to have her at my place, I kept saying that it was so fun to have someone else around!

Saturday night I watched Lost in Translation with Paige and Luke. The movie is absolutely beautiful and I loved it.

Sunday my parents came up and we visited both my Grandma's, Adeline and Shirley. Played cards with Adeline, who is a spunky 91 years old. I locked my keys in my car and Grandma Shirley helped me out again (she has AAA; this is the second time I have locked my keys in my car...the first time I had hit the car in front of me and while getting out I locked the door with the car running).

Yesterday my Dad came up for dinner and Howard Pulley basketball. My aunts and uncles were at the game as well (the Howard Pulley tournament goes on all summer; teams consist of current, past, and future U of M players and other Minnesota boys who play with colleges around the country). My Dad and I like to sit in the front row, that way we are the closest to the players; we can actually see the sweat dripping off their arms.


Jayleigh said...

Way cool basketball tourneys!

And I miss having grandma's. It's been since I was 12 and I REALLY miss them.

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Christa said...

You have been busy! I loved that movie too! I think it was a wonderful story.

Cheryl said...

Nice weekend! Grandmas are the best.

Kiki said...

That sounds like such a good time spending w/ your family! I love little mini vacays like that. It makes you feel like a kid again.

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! My grandma's name is shirley too. :)

Mindi said...

That sounds so nice! Makes me miss home.

Anne said...

Oh, I am so sorry Jayleigh. I bet you miss them.

Christa---I have been way busy! I hardly had time to blog!

Cheryl---I loved your post about your Grandmas, it was really beautiful.

Kiki---It was great...my Grandma made us lunch and then my other Grandma made me dinner! It was fabulous :)

Sarah---Oh, how sweet!

Thanks Mindi.

LadyKRAE said...

Family is awesome. I know one time when I got my moms help when I locked the keys in the car... purse was in there too, and so was the cell phone. Oh and the car was running. It was after midnight, and had to walk for 15 mins in the snow to a phone. Mom was 25 mins away with my other set of keys. I was happy to see her that night! The car was really nice and warm inside when finally got in the car!... I'll never do that again! lol

Moral: never leave the car running while clearing off the ice from windsheild. (or always have the spare set on you!)