Tuesday, May 10, 2005

st. peter

st. peter
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This past weekend was so much fun! I had a great time home with my family and Jakes family. We ate and played all weekend.

Friday night we all waited until midnight for Jake to come home. He had "36 hours of Misfortune" (you will have to ask him to tell you about it). Once he got home there was a French Silk Pie for him to enjoy. He told us his "36 hours of Misfortune" story and I have never laughed so hard!

Saturday my Mom baked chocolate chip cookies (I love going home). My Dad went up to Minneapolis to visit his Mother for the day and then picked he picked up my other Grandma and drove back to Mankato. My Mom made the most delicious meal for all of us that night. I headed over to Jake's (my parents and Grandma went to a movie) and we played baseball with Hope. It was so cool to see her go from not knowing how to hold the bat to actually hitting the ball and running around the bases! She is only four and is an absolute delight!

Sunday was Mother's Day! I made rosemary potatoes while my family was at church. My Mom had prepared the other dishes and everything was delicious. My Mom finally got to open her present.

This past month my Auntie Sue and I have been recreating the corner piece from the parkay floor from my Great Great Grandmother's house. Her house was on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. Years ago my Grandpa had cut a piece from the original floor along with two corner pieces right before the house was destroyed...he had always wanted to recreate another corner. The process was so much fun and the piece turned out beautiful!

Ran errands Sunday afternoon and then Jake and I headed over to his Grandparents house in St. Peter. They are about to put the 1895 house up for sale. His Grandmother just moved out and they had painted and wallpaper and redone the floors. The house looked beautiful. There are tons of lilies of the Valley all around his Grandparents house. They are my favorite part of their house. Later that night we had Jake's Stadium pizza for dinner with my family.

This weekend I went to good old DQ West twice and had the classic pecan cluster blizzard.

I drove my Grandma back to Minneapolis yesterday morning and then headed home to St. Paul.

My parents did buy a fridge and it was delivered yesterday! We didn't go "downtown" on Saturday night, but no lose there.

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Jayleigh said...

It sounds as though you had a VERY busy and very fun weekend. The house with the flowers sounds exquisite!