Wednesday, June 15, 2005

3 out of 23, 000

Last night I went to a Minnesota Twins baseball game with Miriam and Allisa. We got the cheap seats (which is actually says on the ticket) for only six bucks. Our seats were on the first base line in upper deck (I sound like I know what I am talking about, don't I?!). Allisa had on Delips' old 1987 World Series T-shirt. Miriam is a big Twins fan and goes to most of the games, it was great to be there with her.

Top of the 5th we all got hot dogs. They were delicious.

All night I watched the big TV screen...there is such simple happiness in watching others be surprised when they recognize their face on a huge TV screen! The Kiss Cam is one of my favorites. The best couple was a brother and sister...they didn't kiss but they tried to explain in two seconds that they were siblings, it was hilarious!

So finally at the very end of the of the 9th let's say...I glance up and recognize Miriam's purple tank top and then I recognize Allisa and then myself!!!! We made it!!! What are the chances? There were over 23 thousand fans at this game and some camera person choose the three of us...It makes me so happy!

Oh yeah, the Twins won at exactly 10:18 pm, it was just perfect.

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Jake said...

Now why wouldn't you get picked out? It's clear that you were having the best time...