Saturday, June 11, 2005


This morning I met my friends at the Farmer's Market downtown. Amanda and Matt even came up from Northfield! They all purchased some herbs and I bought some flowers for my Grandma. We headed back to Paige and Luke's loft which is only a few blocks away. Luke had been cooking all morning! We had the most delicious breakfast, omelets with fresh vegetables, roasted potatoes, muffins, scones, and fresh squeezed grapefruit (Luke thought he was buying oranges!!). The morning was fantastic! Chit Chat Club was out in full force!

At one o'clock I met my family at the Old Country Buffet to celebrate my Grandma's 91st Birthday! After lunch we headed back to my Adeline's apartment for cheetos, cookies, and lemonade. She is the sweetest most generous woman! I got to catch up with my aunt and uncles, cousins and all their children. The kids (my Grandma's great grandchildren) always put on a "program" for us all and today was no exception. The play today involved three pigs! It was great!

I am now making some nachos and going to relax watching a little Six Feet Under.


Jayleigh said...

I had nachos today! Soooo yummy!

You must have the best friends and family. Besides me, of course. But living in a city and being close to so many things would be awesome. This comes from the girl who's lived in the country her entire life.

Have a great Sunday!

Anne said...

Thanks Jayleigh! I do have fabulous friends and family, I sometimes have to pinch myself!