Friday, June 24, 2005

a little bored

I have been overwhelmed with the interesting people I have discovered these past few days...overwhelmed in the sense that it is so exciting!!! I have been reading and commenting on other blogs (I think I might have needed a break from my own blog for a bit). I really have appreciated and enjoyed all the new people I have "met" this week. Thank you so much for all your kind words.

I am in a strange mood tonight...a little lazy, a little indifferent, and a little bored. It is sometimes hard living alone, not living in the same state as my partner, having friends that are all married...

Is there enough satisfaction in knowing that the people I care about are thinking about me and I thinking about them?


Jayleigh said...

I think sometimes there is, and then there are the times when you need to pack up and get out of town and spend time with the family and especially with your sweetie... recharge your battery so you can live your life where you are right now. Until you decide something different would be better.

I loved the pic of your apartment, btw. My hubby and I have a house which is a little more than twice as big... which is why we're adding on this summer. So. Happy.

Gots to love me a separate computer room and a nice new bedroom.

Take care and have a wonderful night.

Anne said...


I agree. Somtimes I just need to SEE the people I care about...that is why it is so hard to be so far away sometimes.

I do love my little apartment!! Today I went into an open house in my neighborhood...sometimes though I just need to be in "more" space and feel it!

Marissa said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog - maybe all fathers are meant to embarrass their daughters in some way? :) Must be a prerequisite to being a parent! Just wanted to say that this post rung true for me...I also live alone, and while it's liberating and wonderful, at times it's lonely and sad. And I, too, am sans partner. And I'm watching a whole handful of friends enjoy wonderful meaningful relationships. Our time will come! Anyway, keep writing, I enjoy reading!

Anne said...

Thanks Marissa!

Dads are so funny and so wonderful. Even though my Dad might dress silly...he never missed a soccer game, sent me letters when I was at camp, always reads my blog, and fills my car with gas when I come home. And most of all he really makes me laugh!

I love my friends and all their marriages (!) but at times...being the third, fifth, or seventh wheel gets tiresome. (My partner Jake lives in another state). But yet at times I wouldn't trade the independence and freedom for anything! I have my own space, my own dishes, my own food, my own bills...etc. etc. But still we all want to share our lives with others, hey! maybe that is why I started my blog! ha!