Wednesday, June 15, 2005

high points

jake and me
Originally uploaded by akl.
Jake and I have been leaving messages to eachother for three days now...never being able to actually talk. He has been to the east coast with his friends (their mission is to climb all the high points in each of the fifty states).

Anyway, I miss you Jake!

This picture was taken last summer in Alaska...and yes those clouds from the ocean are rolling in and over us on the top of this mountain.


Jake said...

Well I've finally come back to you hun - thought of you often on this trip (I actually thought a lot about this spot - the one in the picture) - I'm not sure another one like it exists anywhere, I certainly can't find one. Though, I wonder if it was the company that made our place so special?

Jayleigh said...

What a fabulous pic. :-)

Anne said...

Thanks Jake and Jayleigh!