Monday, June 06, 2005

open house

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Jake and I took over 200 hundred pictures of Katie last Thursday. For her Open House on Saturday we made a slide show of her graduation day (we eventually narrowed it down to four minutes!).

The graduation ceremony was great. The two student speakers were awesome. The first guy talked about his future..."in a dark college dorm room eating ramon noodles"...!!! His speech was hilarious and I was practically crying laughing so hard.

My parents came to Katie's Open House and my Dad met Jakes Grandfather, Bill. Both of them could be possibly --the greatest Minnesota Gopher Sports fan ever--! To actually have them in the same room for the first time was so fun to watch! They really hit it off.

The weekend was a blast and a blur. The graduation, preparing for the party, the actually party, and then the party after the always it was wonderful to be home, to be with my family, and to be with Jakes family. I feel so lucky.

On Sunday I headed over (along with my family and Jake) to Rochester for my cousin Stacy's Open House. It was so fun to see all my cousins and my Grandma! Congratulations Stacy!

Isn't Katie beautiful?! I am so grateful for our friendship.


Jayleigh said...

Ohhhh it sounds like you had the best weekend ever. Jake must be the luckiest guy ever.

Anne said...

Thanks Jayleigh! It really was the best weekend ever.

Jake and his family are fantastic! I feel like the lucky one :)

Jake said...

Indeed I am, Jayleigh.