Tuesday, June 21, 2005

kicking out heat

rolling green pastures
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On Sunday the drive back from Dubuque, Iowa was really great. We started out the day wonderful with breakfast at a local cafe, Cafe Manna Java. It was delicious.

When we got home to Mankato we made brushetta and watched Six Feet Under all night! Jake and I were exhausted from the long weekend.

I got home to St. Paul last night and installed a window air conditioner in my kitchen. (It doesn't take much to cool my little place except that I realized my radiator was still kicking out heat! I called up Jon, the maintenance guy in my building and he came up to my room. By gosh it really was (and has been...) heating my apartment! whoops!). The problem was fixed and it is cooling down in here.

The picture is from this weekend...somewhere between Shullsburg, Wisconsin and Dubuque, Iowa. Aren't those rolling green pastures?!


Jayleigh said...

Beautiful picture!

Anne said...

Thank you!