Saturday, June 25, 2005

pillsbury flour

pillsbury flour
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Casey and I spent this day together. We had lunch at my apartment and then headed out for some ice cream at Izzy's (famous for their Izzy scoop, which is an extra mini scoop of any flavor). Casey had a cup of salted carmel ice cream with peace coffee as his Izzy and I had my favorite chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate almond as my Izzy.

After enjoying our Izzy's we went for a walk around the campus of St. Thomas College in St. Paul. We sat and talked for a long time and eventually headed back to my apartment. We decided for dinner Nia's Pizza in Minneapolis. We sat outside and I pretended we were at some cafe in Europe or at some bistro in New York (I love to pretend), we laughed and imagined where life would take us.

As we were heading out we stopped to take photographs of the old Pillsbury Flour mill. It was beautiful with the sun setting around the abandoned mill and over-grown train tracks. We goofed around and took some silly shots on the train tracks and then explored closer to the mill, after we noticed the No Trespassing sign we headed out!

When Casey and I met the summer before 10th grade we were only 15 years old. We both had crushes on each other and eventually started "going out." More importantly we became best friends.

I remember sitting up late at night writing him silly letters that I would give him the next day at school. (To this day he has a box full of notes, letters, and small treasures I gave him that 10th grade year). Even though we didn't go out forever...we have remained the greatest of friends. It doesn't matter how long we have not spoken, we always just pick up where we left off. No one can take away our summer of biking everywhere, swimming at Luke's pool, Mr. Halstead's art classes, skiing at Mt. Kato, CARL, or even Ping Pong in the basement.


Jayleigh said...

I LOVE that kind of friend. Good for you.

Also, whenever I eat al fresco at a nearby bistro, I *ALWAYS* pretend I am on a Paris side-street.

The cafe is called The French Laundry. LOVE IT!

DARLing said...

While i read on and with the comment
i thought i have just have a little walk there !

Cheers thanks for sharing

Anne said...

I would definitely love to eat at a cafe called The French Laundry! It sounds wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by again Darling!

curious servant said...

Good to read your blog. It made me feel good.

DARLing said...

No problem u can drop by mine too :) cheers

Anne said...

Curious Servant---I read your blog and my heart goes out to you. Such pain you must be does sound like you have the foundation and faith and support to rise above...

Darling---love the "Which room are you?" post, very interesting and fun.