Monday, June 27, 2005


I went to work at 6 am this morning and rang up customers all was very mundane. I am okay with it though because this is my last week of work at Starbucks. I will be officially unemployed next week.

Steve (a very regular customer) came in to say good-bye today. He gave me a very nice card.

After work I caught the bus up the hill to my apartment and watched Wimbledon for a bit (Did Davenport eventually win?). Turned the TV off and caught up on some blog reading and commenting.

I am now eating Blue Chips and drinking Iced Green Tea.

I was inspired today by some fellow bloggers (Thanks Still Figuring Out and Marissa!) to add some fun tidbits (is that a word?) about myself; here are three to get you started!

1. I would rather get up super early than stay up real late.

2. I collect foreign coins (all from our "Tip Jars" at work) and keep them in a little circular box next to my bed.

3. I bought radishes at the Co-op the other day because I thought they looked beautiful. I don't even like radishes.


Jayleigh said...

Ohh I love that. Radishes are beautiful and I don't particularly like them either.

My twin and my mom and I have a joke between us involving radishes; my grandma embroidered them on some of my mom's blouses in elementary school and my mom HATES them... so wherever we go, Dotty and I buy her radish souveniers. Imagine that. Radish souveiners. lol

Are you looking for another job, or just gonna lay low for a while?

Marissa said...

I'm so glad I could inspire you! It's always nice to help out a fellow Minnesotan! :) I love reading your blog, it's very honest and sincere.

Anne said...

Jayleigh--that is hilarious!

Yes, I am looking for jobs and yes, I am laying low for awhile. Basically I am enjoying July and August in St. Paul...going to go home to Mankato for awhile and be with my parents...and then at the end of the summer (which is when my apartment lease is up here) I am moving to Ames! Jake and I will finally be in the same city! This decision has been long in the making and I know a blog will come of it soon. Anyway, that is my plan for now.

Marissa--Thank you for such a nice compliment.

Delhui said...

I never saw the beauty in radishes before... lovely perspective!

Sarah said...

That is so cute! Radishes remind me of my grandma because she used to put them in salad and I hated it. Funny how more than one person connects radishes with their grandmother huh?

Also, your apartment is lovely, I am jaelous as I am without country at the moment and need to pick one before i can get my own place! and long distance relationships totally suck. My boyfriend is from london and we did the america/ australia/ england triangle for a while. Craziness. :)

still_figuring_out said...

hey anne, glad to have inspired you:)

you`re moving is super interesting when a change of environment is expected.

a quote i came across while i was looking for a job a while back.
Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden. ~Orson Scott Card

Christa said...

I love iced green tea too Anne. Have you tried the flavored ones-like peach, blueberry and raspberry? They're even better!

Kiki said...

I buy things from the grocery all the time that I know I probabley won't eat(different fruits etc.)but I just like for the person ringing me out to not think all I'm getting is junk.

Anne said...

Delhui---I checked out your almost all your posts! Great writing and you made me laugh more than once!

Sarah---Thank you. I really love my apartment! Wow, now that is really long distance. What are you going to do? When do you move? Congratulations on graduating by the way.

Still Figuring Out---I LOVE that quote! It made me smile. Yup, I am moving. I still don't know exactly when and I definitely don't have a job yet...but at least I know that where I am moving to I know someone! (Jake and I have been in different cities for too long and this will be the first time we actually live in the same city! Yeah!)

Christa---Haven't tired those yet. Will have to check those out!

Kiki--That is so funny and fabulous at the same time!