Sunday, June 19, 2005

shullsburg, wisconsin

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Jake was in his friends Casey and Brooke's wedding this weekend. The wedding was in Shullsburg Wisconsin (population 1200) and the reception was in Dubuque, Iowa. The drive from Mankato took 6 hours.

Eastern Iowa is really beautiful. Rolling green pastures dotted with family farms. The reception was set right on the Mississippi River, which runs through Dubuque.

We ate delicious food and danced all night!


Jayleigh said...

Oooh beautiful. I hope you two had a wonderful weekend.

Anne said...

We really did!

I wasn't really looking forward to the long drive or even the wedding.

Even though the drive was long it was beautiful and Jake and I got to spend time together. Even though I didn't know anyone at the wedding I still had fun.

And Jake and I had a great time exploring the little towns on the ride back to Minnesota!

It was a good weekend.